Let’s see :  Anterior Lumbar Surgical Approach LEFLOT J-L M.D. The lumbar anterior surgical approach offers many advantages. Benefits, risks and procedure. People are often surprised to be offered surgery for low back pain through an incision in the front of the abdomen.

The lumbar spine fusion: Why ? How ? Its future ?

If the neurological release is critical in spinal surgery, the maintenance or restoration of stability and mechanical balance of the spine is equally. This stability and sagittal balance can be ensured by a rigid fusion, which restores the physiological curvature, the height of the intervertebral space and the foramina. Spinal fusion solves many problems but … More The lumbar spine fusion: Why ? How ? Its future ?

Cervicale Disc Arthroplasty

Let’s see : M6C Cervical Disc Arthroplasty on 2 levels The discectomy goes along with a cervical arthrodesis with anterior approach, has proven its profit. The arthodesis of a defined cervical level leads to an overuse of the adjacent levels (intervertebral discs) and a precocious degeneration of those discs. An arthrodesis of several cervical levels … More Cervicale Disc Arthroplasty